1 Month React Course - Starting June 2



Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (ES6+). If that's not you, check out our 6 Month full Bootcamp.


Who is this course for?

Developers who are new to JavaScript but want to learn React as quickly as possible.
Students who feel their Bootcamp/University isn't teaching them React effectively enough.
Recent Bootcamp or University graduates who are confident in the fundamentals of JavaScript and want to become more employable by learning React.

1 Month Bootcamp
3 Days per Week
2 Hours Classes
1:1 Mentor
5 Projects
Interview Prep

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What You Will Learn!

Why React?

React is both the most popular and most loved front-end framework on the planet. Before spending the time to learn it, it's important to understand how it'll help you build better UI.

Virtual DOM

React is both the most popular and most loved front-end framework on the planet. Before spending the time to learn it, it's important to understand how it'll help you build better UI.


JSX allows you to describe what you want your UI to look like based on the state of your component. You'll learn how to use it and some other tips every React developer should know.


Props are to components what arguments are to functions. You'll learn all about props and how to use them to pass information into components.

Stateless vs Statefull

Stateful components are keeping track of changing data, while stateless components print out what is given to them via props.

Rendering Lists in React

At the end of the day, we're all just glorified list developers. You'll learn how to performantly render lists of data using React.

Managing State in React

This is where React shines. You'll learn all about adding and managing state using React components.

The Component Lifecycle

You can hook into different moments in a component's lifecycle in order to accomplish specific tasks like data fetching or setting up subscriptions.

API Requests in React

If your app doesn't fetch external data, it's just a static website. We'll look at the key to creating dynamic, data-driven websites - making API requests in React.

Un/Controlled Components

With React, components manage their own state. Historically though, state has lived in the DOM. You'll learn the difference between controlled and uncontrolled components which gets to the heart of this issue.

Default Props

React allows you to pass data to components via props. Sometimes, you want to set default values for specific props if they're not passed into the component. You'll learn how to do that using defaultProps.

Higher-order Components

React lets you reuse visual logic via the component API. However, sometimes you want to reuse stateful, non-visual logic. You'll learn the most common pattern for accomplishing this - higher-order components.

React Router

Any non-trivial application will need a router. You'll learn the theory and API behind the most popular Router in the React ecosystem, React Router.


You will explore Redux further including Redux action, combining reducers, and Redux saga, client-server communication using Fetch and the REST API.

Deployment and Hosting

What's the use of building an app if you don't deploy it live? You'll learn to take the app you built and deploy it so others can enjoy it from anywhere.


Pure Function, PropTypes, Hooks

Team Work

Why Choose Us?

We are small team and we take it personally. Your failure is our failure. Sometimes we might even get frustrated if you don't do homework
We start career coaching from day one. Every two weeks you will be doing "One-on-One" meetings with your mentor to sync up about your career growth

Our Classes will be Monday-Friday evenings 5:00pm(PST) to 8:00pm and Sunday morning 6hours.

Tuition - $2000

Our React Course duration is 1 month.

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